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The top line:  Without top-line performance, a business can't perform at the bottom line.


The bottom line:  Information (g2) is the cornerstone upon which business decisions are made.  How this information is acted upon - the formulation and execution of the strategic, business, product, marketing and operating plans - is what fuels financial performance.  


A solid business can't be built on shaky foundations.  The commercial premise has to be firm.  The plan must be clear about what needs to be accomplished.  The skills and structure have to be in place to achieve the desired result.  And, optics must exist to identify weaknesses and verify results.


g2s business planning and management approach is straightforward and drives improved top- and bottom-line performance:

  • Define the business
  • Validate the business model
  • Know the strengths and weaknesses
  • Recognize potential risks
  • Precisely target customers
  • Accurately project operating and financial requirements ... and results
  • Make sure the structure is in place to achieve the plan
  • Execute in an efficient and purposeful manner to ensure predictable results

Some of the business development and management disciplines employed by g2 include:


  • Financial and operations assessment
  • Business planning
  • Product pricing and distribution planning
  • Operating plan development and management-level rollout
  • Management goal setting and measurement
  • Compensation structure design and deployment
  • Strategic selling
  • Sales and operations forecasting

Pragmatism and experience are what differentiate g2:  First-hand experience understanding and satisfying the needs of customers, business owners and investors with practical and efficient solutions that meet, not exceed, the need. 


g2 is committed to serving its clients’ needs with effective and responsive solutions that offer value …. and drive bottom-line results.



“Thunder is good, thunder is impressive; but it is lightning that does the work”      - Mark Twain

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